Best Way To Fix Or Upgrade Your Broken Gadget

MAC Repairs

We have a lot of experience in refurbishing and repairing MacBook Pro’s, iMac’s, and Mac Mini’s.  The MacBook Pro is probably one of Apple’s greatest portable creations before the iPad came out.  Now the iPad can almost do as much, but still falls short of a full Operating System.

Laptop Repairs

All laptops have a place in my heart, making them faster is my passion. Some of my best ideas were from sitting somewhere with a laptop. Solid State Hard Drive is the only way, you are missing about %30 of your performance due to an old spinning hard drive if you haven’t already upgraded!

Tablet Repairs

There is only so much you can do with a tablet, the hardware is embedded in the motherboard mainly. However,  if you need a new screen replaced, we can help you get your tablet back.  Sometimes, tablets hardware is limited, and there is not a whole lot we can do about that, consult with us first.

Mobile Repairs

The same goes with a mobile phone as a tablet. Yes, if your screen is broken, we can replace it, but as far as hardware goes, it is all soldered together and there is not a lot anyone can do about that if it drops in water or breaks.  There is very little chance of success to get your phone working again if it got wet.

Our Services

Proper Diagnosis

We are experienced and will find out what needs to be done as soon as we find the issue. We have years of experience in troubleshooting and diagnosing computers. We are very reasonable and will work with you to make sure the price is right. Our trained expertise will be apparent when we pick up the phone. A+ Certified technicians are here to help you solve the issue the first time.

Repairing The Issue

We all have busy schedules, and our lives don’t have time for our computers to not be working. We promise to get the job done right the first time, we guarantee our paying customers with a service guarantee. We want to move on with our lives, and don’t want the same problems bogging us down, we all want this. So if you are not satisfied with the results, we will make sure it is right.

Call us

We will support you throughout the whole process from beginning to end. Whether it is a new custom computer, or a repair that has been done or needs to be done, we are here to help. I can’t say we will hold your hand, but its the closest thing to it when we work with you. We want to make sure everything is working before we leave. We all know how a computer should function, and it should function as well as when you got it.


Give us a call today, and lets figure this out together. No use in calling the overpriced geek. We are here to help at an affordable rate. Quality is our passion, and we don’t settle for less. When you need an A+ certified advisor, we are here to help you and your business get back on track as fast as possible.

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We Work With Every Manufacturing Brand

Clients & Testimonials

Our clients speak our truth, we don’t have to tell you what we want you to hear.  We know our quality and expertise speaks for itself.

Local Loomis Business- High Tech Electric owner said-

Khris at Construct Your Computer has helped me at my small business many times.  He has been very helpful with my many computer troubles.  Khris will drive to my business and work on my computers at my office or take them with him and bring them back working like they should be.


I would highly recommend him.”


-via 5 star Yelp review


– Scott G.

Another IT guy from a small business in Loomis said-

“I am the IT tech for a small business in Loomis.  When I have questions, I go to Khris.  He is always there to help with any networking or computer questions I may have.  And always stays until the job is done.”


-via 5 star Yelp review


-Todd M.

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